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Suppress M keypress in AutoResponder

The handler for the "M" key in the AutoResponder needs to suppress the keypress. Right now, if you have a rule in the "If request matches" column that starts with "M" and you select a different rule, hit "M" to add a comment to it, then Windows automatically focuses the list item that starts with "M", then Fiddler invokes the "Add Comment" action on that rule instead of the one originally selected.

  • Eric Lawrence
  • Sep 28 2016
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    11 Feb, 2018 01:27pm

    This bug still exists almost 18 months later. :'-(

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    29 Sep, 2016 12:46am

    The trick here is actually to move the actSetRuleComment call to the lv_RespondRules_KeyUp handler instead of putting it in the _KeyDown handler. This problem also exists in the Composer History listview.