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Allow users to categorize response headers

Currently, when I get an HTTP response, in the Headers tab (implementing the Standard.ResponseHeaderView inspector), the response headers have been automatically 'categorized' so that, for instance, some are identified as 'Cache' headers, some as 'Entity' headers and so forth. This categorization is done automatically.

It would be great to have some functionality (either via FiddlerScript or similar), such that end users could change the default categorization (or override it), and perhaps compress and/or re-order some of the categories by default.

For instance, I would like to identify some headers as coming from e.g. Akamai, based on the header name, so that I can click on the header category to compress them from the view (or have them automatically compressed or simply displayed below all the other response headers).

See the attached image for an example.

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  • Aug 18 2016
  • Under review
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