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Fiddler won't install from EXE

I downloaded FiddlerSetup.exe today and I can't get it to install. When I run the executable nothing happens. Even when I right click and run as admin. I successfully installed FiddlerCap as a test but not really what I need. I have full admin rights to my Windows 7 workstation. I even tried a reboot but no luck.

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  • Aug 1 2016
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  • Adrian Lewis commented
    4 Oct, 2017 09:04am

    I just had this problem. Google brought me here and I took the recommended approach of opening with 7Zip. It reveals two directories with unprintable names, one of which contains Fiddler4Setup.exe and Fiddler2Setup.exe. I extracted and ran Fiddler4Setup.exe and everything worked fine.

    This is a 64-bit Windows 10 machine by the way.

  • David Barrows commented
    5 May, 2017 03:53pm

    This also just happened to me just now, on a Windows 7 machine - you try to launch fiddlersetup.exe and nothing happens.  Had to unzip it as described below then ran Fiddler4Setup.exe and that worked.

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2017 03:38pm

    I even tried it with 7zip but application crashed at policies form

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2017 07:12pm

    I had the same issue. Opening with 7ZIP and extracting the 4 installer worked. Turned out to be something with a group policy in my environment.

  • Guest commented
    28 Dec, 2016 10:01am

    I had the same trouble (nothing happened when I clicked upon the .exe) opening the .exe in 7 zip then running the fiddlersetup.exe showed me the actual error which was "This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator". I copied the Fiddlerv4Setup.exe from within the .exe (archive) into my local temp folder and ran it from there and it installed without any problems.

  • Guest commented
    4 Oct, 2016 05:04pm

    I had this same issue and was able to install by opening in 7ZIP

  • Deleted User commented
    27 Sep, 2016 02:37pm

    Is there any chance that you don't have write access to your TEMP folder? The combined installer does not handle this scenario correctly at present.

  • Deleted User commented
    31 Aug, 2016 05:42pm

    It's actually .NET2/.NET4 installer and you installed the .NET4 version. The folder name does not matter.

    It does really seem like a bug in the joint installer, though, and it's one we have never seen so far. Are you still able to reproduce it? 

  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2016 05:35pm

    That seemed to work for me. I opened the exe with 7zip using Open Arcihve. I went into the folder with the 2.9 mb package size. There was a Fiddler2setup and a Fiddler4setup. I assumed the 2 meant 32 and 4 meant 64. i selected Fiddler4Setup.exe. It installed to a Fiddler2 folder (I assumed that the folder name was irrelevant.

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    9 Aug, 2016 05:48pm

    This could be a bug in the new 32/64 joint installer. You might try opening the .EXE in 7ZIP, which will allow you to see the 32bit and 64bit standalone installers. Choose the correct one and run that.