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Fiddler sets the system proxy to upon startup - overwriting my proxy settings

I access APIs that are IP restricted. Previously, I would set the proxy through IE and then load up Fiddler and start issuing tests through the composer.

Now, as soon as I start Fiddler, the System Proxy settings are reset to This happens if I start Fiddler once the proxy settings have been made, or if I set the proxy while Fiddler is running (the System Proxy will go to once Fiddler posts the 'A system proxy was changed. Click to reenable Telerik Fiddler capture' message).

It used to work perfectly, but I updated my Dell laptop recently and now Fiddler is not working with the Proxy correctly.

This makes Fiddler impossible to use with a Proxy. Is there any work around? Is there a way to explicitly set the proxy IP within Fiddler?

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  • Jul 17 2016
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    18 Jul, 2016 09:53pm


    My apologies - I checked the system proxy settings after starting Fiddler and saw that they had been set to 127.0.0,1. I didn't realise that Fiddler still used the original system proxy settings.I checked using 'what is my ip' and can see that the original system proxy settings are still being used.

    All good, my mistake. Thanks for a great program.

  • Deleted User commented
    18 Jul, 2016 03:16pm

    Could you, please, elaborate some more on what exactly does not work as expected?

    Fiddler itself is a proxy so when you start it it becomes the default proxy of the machine, i.e. since Fiddler runs on that very same machine. If there was another proxy set up before you started Fiddler, Fiddler will take this into account and it will start accessing the internet through your original proxy. On quitting Fiddler your original proxy settings should be restored.

  • pong it commented
    18 Jul, 2016 07:26am