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An Option to Force sequential session downloading, ie max one session active at a time via menu 'rules'/'performance'

An Option to Force sequential session downloading, ie max one session active at a time via menu 'rules'/'performance' - is this currently possible? If so, how could it be implemented? If not, could it be added please?

This would be very useful to me for both the examining/optimising of the download order of a sites scripts and other resources, as well as for allowing all sessions to complete without stalling on low bandwidth/unreliable connections, like mine.

Currently an incomplete stalled session download (ie with a green download icon) will sit there indefinitltely, without ever timing-out, without any error, and never retrying. A retry/continue downloading of stalled sessions [x number of times] Option would be very helpful for this, as well as being handy for low bandwidth/unreliable connections, as mine sadly is. <tiny violins playing...>

While this isn't really Fiddlers fault, just one example is this 1+MB file which almost always fails to complete on my network connection: 

The same downloads stalling problem also applies to sites with many large .JS, .CSS & large image files loading simultaneously, for example. Using Fiddlers Autoresponder *Delay:xxxx doesn't seem to help much unfortunately. Limiting TCP connections both per server & globally via registry mods seem to be getting ignored in my Windows 10 Home. If anyone knows of any methods to accomplish this it is appreciated.


PS: I love Fiddler :)

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  • Jul 14 2016
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    29 Jul, 2016 05:16am

    Throttling like this is possible today (and can be simplistically emulated by simply enabling Request Breakpoints) but because of how browsers work, download order should not be considered "stable."

    "Stalled" responses will eventually time out, but the timeouts are VERY long by default.