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Capturing on open even with option disabled

Please honor the option to disable capture. I use fiddler to test API development and I never want it to capture any other traffic.  The configuration option to disable this doesn't work, please fix.

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  • Sep 19 2018
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    22 Sep, 2018 04:01pm

    Fiddler's settings control whether it registers as the system proxy ("Capturing"), not whether it has a listening proxy. In regular mode, Fiddler always listens and there's not trivial way to disable that. Fiddler Viewer instances do not, by default, listen on any port.

    You can easily configure Fiddler to Hide all new traffic while not in Capturing mode. 

    You *could* write a simple rule that checks whether Fiddler is registered as the system proxy and, if not, immediately any inbound network connection.