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Unable to select CertEnroll as certificate generator in Windows Server 2016 (x64) without removing MAkeCert.dll

IDK why it dislikes the MakeCert files. Clearly a bug, to me.

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  • Aug 22 2018
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    24 Aug, 2018 06:58pm

    This is basically by-design, but the design could certainly be improved. The basic idea is that, if you install a certificate generation extension (e.g. the BCMakeCert extension), it will be used.

    If you do not, then Fiddler will fall back to using the built-in generator, which itself has two underlying engines (MakeCert.exe or CertEnroll.dll).

    FWIW, the BCMakeCert extension should be slightly superior to the built in CertEnroll provider (it has more features and touches the Windows certificate stores a bit less) although they're pretty comparable.