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Allow to restore proxy without closing the app

I am using Fiddler to find malware/analytics, and sometimes I get HTTPS issues.

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  • Apr 19 2018
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  • Alex302 commented
    26 Apr, 2018 01:42pm

    Ok. Got it.


  • Eric Lawrence commented
    25 Apr, 2018 07:51pm

    Fiddler will always show whatever traffic is flowing through it (if any) unless you have filters set to hide traffic.

    Properly-written client apps *should not* send traffic through Fiddler when it's not attached (which means that it isn't registered as the system proxy). Some client applications are not properly written and may continue to send traffic through a proxy that detached until they are restarted.

  • Alex302 commented
    21 Apr, 2018 04:19pm

    Hm. My mistake. I thought the traffic was going through Fiddler in any case while it's running.

    So can I leave Fiddler running all the time, just enable it if necessary?

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    19 Apr, 2018 09:46pm

    Can you please elaborate on what exactly you're trying to do and what exactly isn't working?

    You can toggle Fiddler as the system proxy by simply clicking the command on the File menu or by tapping the "Capturing" icon at the bottom-left corner of Fiddler's main window.