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Websocket playback and general handling improvements

In my line of work (security research), WebSockets are becoming increasingly common as a way to mask malicious activity. Fiddler does allow you to view a WebSocket and display the blobs exchanged. However, I have ran into some issues when the data is compressed and there doesn't seem to be native support for decompression. A workaround was suggested here:

More generally, it would be a great feature to be able to replay a WebSocket in 'offline mode', similarly to how you can replay HTTP/S Sessions via AutoResponder.

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  • Mar 29 2018
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    29 Mar, 2018 09:06pm

    Yup, there are two big missing pieces here:

    1. Allow injection of messages on an active websocket connection, via FiddlerScript and the WebSocket Inspectors UI
    2. Enable WebSocket playback from a SAZ file in the AutoResponder