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Fiddler on mac - looking for settings.txt file

Once I got Fiddler on the mac to run, I kept seeing the message in the Terminal that it couldn't find settings.txt file, once I created the settings.txt file I did get another message which I will include in another idea

Here is the exact bash message: 

/Fiddler/settings.txt: No such file or directory


Not sure if the iPhone piece is relevant or not.

  • Shane Bishop
  • Mar 20 2018
  • Under review
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  • Guest commented
    7 Jun, 2018 03:59pm

    Are there any updates to this?! Can we use Fiddler on Mac OSx or should we just buy another product?

  • Ryan O'Donnell commented
    6 Jun, 2018 06:48pm

    Same on MacOS:

    <user-name>@<host>:/Applications/fiddler-mac$ sudo mono --arch=32 Fiddler.exe

    bash: /Applications/fiddler-mac/settings.txt: No such file or directory




    added the settings.txt file, still getting errors:

    <user-name>@<host>:/Applications/fiddler-mac$ sudo mono --arch=32 Fiddler.exe


    /Applications/fiddler-mac/FiddlerAttach.applescript:7:87: execution error: /bin/sh: Ethernet,0,0,off,0,0,off,0,0,off,0,0,off: command not found (127)


    /Applications/fiddler-mac/FiddlerAttach.applescript:7:87: execution error: /bin/sh: Ethernet,,8888,on,,8888,on,0,0,off,0,0,off: command not found (127)