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Browse button to launch last used browser when clicked


Add possibility to change "Browse" button default browser or use last selected browser when user clicks on it.

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  • Feb 9 2018
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    9 Feb, 2018 05:54pm

    This is basically the same request as


    Note, you can create your own browser-launcher menu. From the Fiddler Book:

    Click Rules > Customize Rules and add the following to your script:

    QuickLinkItem("&IE", "iexplore.exe")
    QuickLinkItem("&Firefox", "firefox.exe")
    QuickLinkItem("&Opera", "Opera.exe")
    QuickLinkItem("&Chrome", "Chrome.exe")
    public static function DoBrowsersMenu(sText: String, sAction: String) { v
      ar oS = FiddlerApplication.UI.GetSelectedSessions();
      var sURL = String.Empty;
      if (oS.Length > 0) { sURL = oS[0].fullUrl; }
      System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(sAction, sURL);