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Fiddler hangs (CPU) when trying to show text view of 3MB Javascript resource

Fiddler hangs trying to show  a large resource.  This one was 1.2MB compressed.  Fiddler uncompressed it to over 3MB. Switched to TextView tab and Fiddler hung up

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  • Jan 18 2018
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    18 Jan, 2018 06:07pm

    It's unlikely that Fiddler "gave up" and much more likely that it's diligently trying to display the content, which may take a long time (tens of seconds or more). You may have more luck with the SyntaxView tab, which isn't subject to some of the same performance issues of Windows' native text view controls.

    To allow Telerik to repro, it would be helpful if you could post a SAZ file somewhere and provide your exact Windows OS version and patch info.