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show loaded file name in window title bar

I have loaded a session archive (.saz file), but it's not displayed anywhere (file name).

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  • Jan 2 2018
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    2 Jan, 2018 04:47pm
    Fiddler doesn't have the notion of a "currently opened SAZ" per-se, since you can open as many SAZ files as you like. What you can do is write some script that keeps track of what the most recently opened SAZ file is. Just add the code in yellow inside the OnBoot handler from Rules > Customize Rules, and add the new handler function:
        static function OnBoot() {
        static function myLoadHandler(o:System.Object, RSEA:Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.ReadSAZEventArgs)                
    FiddlerApplication.UI.Text = "Latest: " + RSEA.sFilename;

    // OR the C# Script version:

    public static void OnBoot() {
    FiddlerApplication.OnLoadSAZ += myHandler;

    public static void myHandler( System.Object o, Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.ReadSAZEventArgs RSEA) {
    FiddlerApplication.UI.Text = "Latest: " + RSEA.sFilename;
  • Eric Lawrence commented
    2 Jan, 2018 02:17pm

    (also, note that Fiddler's LOG tab shows details of all loaded and saved files)

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    2 Jan, 2018 02:16pm

    Fiddler shows the filename of the most recently loaded filename in a button on the left edge of the toolbar *if* you've opened Fiddler in VIEWER mode. Otherwise the filename isn't shown by default. I'll share a script here soon you can use to add it.