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Allow wildcards in process filter

On the filters tab, there's a "Show only traffic from..." with a drop down showing all current processes. Linqpad has an MDI interface that changes the process number each time a script runs so it's impossible to filter on a particular script. I suggest being able to filter by substring of the process name field.

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  • Dec 28 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    2 Jan, 2018 04:57pm

    Oops. The context menu filters have a "Hide: foo:*" but not "Show only: foo:*". Maybe the latter should exist.

    For now, the simple approach is to click Rules > Customize Rules and add:

     public static function OnPeekAtRequestHeaders(Session oSession) {
    string sProc = oSession["x-ProcessInfo"];
    if (null==sProc) sProc=String.Empty;
    if (!sProc.StartsWith("linqpad"))  oSession.Ignore();


    Or add a menu as seen in

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    2 Jan, 2018 02:19pm

    Right click the process name in Fiddler's main session list and choose the Filter submenu. Or you can use FiddlerScript to easily add a filter.