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Allow the Chocolatey Fiddler package

When Telerik first acquired Fiddler, the community was afraid that Fiddler would become a paying tool. Telerik made an important statement: "Further, we have learned from the mistakes of others who have acquired free tools only to turn the tables on the developer community and monetize them at a later date." (source:

Recently, Telerik asked Chocolatey, a widely used Windows package management platform ( to remove Fiddler from the packages list.

Whatever the reasons are, as a Chocolatey and Fiddler user, I am disappointed by that move. I am managing multiple machines, and Chocolatey helps me synchronize and accelerate new setups. Telerik just asked me to force manual installation of Fiddler, as well as manual upgrade (no, I don't want/need as many auto-update software as I have installed software). I see no value in doing so, except maybe forcing user registration (which is monetizing and breaks their promise) or for some legal reason.

I would kindly ask Telerik to take a stance on what was communicated to the community, and allow Chocolatey to provide an easier way to get your tools installed on more machines.

I'm filing this as a bug, since it was working, and it now is broken for me.


  • Christian Rondeau
  • Nov 29 2017
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  • Greg Wojan commented
    November 29, 2017 22:28

    I just noticed this today. It's very disappointing indeed! :-(

  • Stephen Pittman commented
    December 4, 2017 20:11

    This sucks.  Protectionism from a dev company never ends well for them.  Bad move.

  • Eddie Groves commented
    December 7, 2017 04:13

    Terrible move!

  • Lee C commented
    December 9, 2017 11:08

    I agree with everything above. If the only reason you are against this is because you want to be able to get users emails then put in a 'first run' popup in the application referenced by chocolatey to request an email. That way you allow people use a package manager like chocolatey as well.

    BUT if you do that make it an optional email address that you can cancel and still use the application otherwise as Christian above says you have broken your promise as to not monetizing the product.

    You might think a cancellable popup would mean a drop in user signup, but atm people can bypass you by just sharing the file they download from you anyway, so even the current 'signup wall' isnt perfect anyway. But at least this way it will get more email addresses and you dont get bad PR for the company.