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Make analytics opt-in, or at least give users a way to disable it

I'm using Fiddler v4.6.20173.38786 (Built: Friday, September 15, 2017). In the ScriptEditor directory is EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor.dll which from what I understand can track movements and send analytics back to Telerik. That should be an opt-in feature. Please at least give us a way to disable the analytics. I tried removing the DLL but Fiddler Script Editor crashes without it. For now I have blocked Fiddler Script Editor from the internet since it was trying to access the internet when I would start it. Is Fiddler tracking me without my consent?

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  • Nov 28 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    28 Nov, 2017 04:12pm

    At a minimum, the installer EULA should be updated.

    "You may opt-in to submitting anonymous data about your system configuration and use of the software to help improve future versions of the software. If you opt-in, Telerik may collect data related to: certain features and extensions of the software, identifying trends and bugs, activation information, usage statistics and may track other data related to your use of the software as further described in the most current version of Telerik’s Privacy Policy (located at: By your opting-in to such data collection and/or acceptance of these terms and/or use of the software, you authorize the collection, use and disclosure of this data for the purposes provided for herein and/or in the Privacy Policy. "