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Add SessionFlags, Preference Names, and Header Field Names to Script Editor Autocomplete

The upside of Fiddler/HTTP's use of strings rather than strongly typed values is flexibility, backward/forward compatibility, and simplicity of implementation. 

The downside is that it makes writing FiddlerScript a lot more error prone than it could be.

By enhancing the script editor with autocomplete for strings (Flag/Preference names, HTTP header names) we can significantly improve developer experience. 

  • Eric Lawrence
  • Nov 14 2017
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    16 Nov, 2017 05:22pm

    An alternative to this (which would work nicely) would be to create a new class named MAGICS that has a number of members e.g. Prefs, Flags, and Headers and each of those members has these values as string constants. So then you could do e.g.


        oSession[MAGICS.Flags.CertificateSubjectOverride] = "";


    This would mean that you get both autocomplete AND the ability to choose to break scripts when a given flag is no longer supported (by removing the constant from the MAGICS).