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Allow more control on GetExecutableOutput output

When using Utilities.GetExecutableOutput() the returned string includes additional strings that are not part of the executable output, specifically:

"Results from [command executed]:

[executable output]


It would be useful in some cases to be able to control those additions, remove for sure.

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  • Nov 9 2017
  • Under review
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  • David Henrry Ticona commented
    21 Nov, 2017 09:59pm

    Hi there, i'm using this great tool to test a webService, basically i'm using GetExecutableOutput and as the post before mentions, it's not very useful, due to the extra data appended/prepended by fiddler, eg:


    Results from node.exe C:/Users/dvduser/Desktop/app_main.js %paramInFromFiddler%

    %stdout from external process%


    it would be great if the results come clean.




  • Eric Lawrence commented
    12 Nov, 2017 07:48pm

    Yup, this is a good idea. Today, you can do this from script but you must emulate almost all of the functionality in that GetExecutableOutput function, so it's like 15 lines of boilerplate that we could avoid.