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Make fiddler faster - partial load/parse of content in TextView

When I click a session in "TextView" that has a very big content size (1MB+), fiddler hangs for a long time.
I am not sure if that is because the data is loaded from disk, or is parsed.
In any case, I would suggest a partial, sequential load/parse to avoid the hang.

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  • Oct 8 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    9 Oct, 2017 04:11pm

    How long is a "long time"? What version of what operating system?

    Fiddler keeps all data in memory, so unless the content has been swapped out, the disk isn't a factor.

    What sort of content are you loading into text view (is it text, in English/European languages, or something else)? The Windows text editing controls have assorted performance bugs when rendering large quantities of text, especially when the text contains non-textual characters (e.g. binary control sequences, etc).