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"An entry with the same key already exists."

I tried to import a SAZ file. I pointed the folder to my 'Downloads' folder, which has many different file types in there. As soon as I clicked next from selecting 'Downloads', I got this error twice. See attached screenshot.

  • Brian Caines
  • Aug 21 2017
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    11 Sep, 2017 05:45pm

    I wrote about the "Repair" feature here:

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    11 Sep, 2017 05:43pm

    Sorry, to be clear about what's happening here, what exactly did you click when you "tried to import a SAZ file"?

    The "Repair Corrupt" option is available in the dropdown on the File > Load Archive screen. It attempts to repair the corrupt ZIP file so that it is correctly formatted. Fiddler itself generates properly-formatted ZIP files, so if you're seeing this error, it's likely that either the disk is corrupt or the file was transferred over a network link (or USB key) that corrupted its data.

  • Brian Caines commented
    23 Aug, 2017 07:59pm

    Thanks Eric. I moved the file to its own folder and I still get this error. Also if I try to open the file directly outside of Fiddler, I get a slightly different message (see attached). It mentions a 'Repair Corrupt' option, but I cannot find it anywhere.

    I'd love to provide the file but unfortunately it potentially contains client information so I don't want to risk sharing it.

  • Eric Lawrence commented
    21 Aug, 2017 09:32pm

    This will happen if you have a ZIP/SAZ file in the folder with an illegal format (e.g. containing two files of the same name and path). Unfortunately, it's unlikely that this can be readily fixed as any workaround would have to be inside the ZIP library built by Xceed software.

    It would still be interesting to get a copy of the file that's causing this; you could drag/drop or file > open the ZIP/SAZ files in that folder until you find the culprit.

  • Brian Caines commented
    21 Aug, 2017 06:09pm

    FYI I'm on windows 10 64-bit up to date and latest version of fiddler: v4.6.20172.34691