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Offer MSI installation files on your download page, not only EXE

Your company currently offers Fiddler as EXE installation package. Microsoft currently only supports installation of softwares through single-MSI files for Intune MDM-based solution (


This means it is not possible to install Fiddler through MS MDM-based Intune solution, because there is no Fiddler MSI file.

Could you please offer MSI files as well?

I saw some posts with an FTP on your forums, to get an MSI, but I am wondering why you make it so hidden/complicated???

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  • Jul 7 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    7 Jul, 2017 04:41pm

    I'm not aware of any legitimate source of MSI installers of Fiddler. Rewriting Fiddler's installer from a custom executable to an MSI is a non-trivial operation (although I think it's pretty easy to build a fake MSI that just extracts the setup executable and runs it).