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Allow Ctrl+Arrow to jump between URI components in the Composer URI Textbox

The Textbox for entering the URI in the Composer's Parsed tab appears to be a standard Textbox/Edit Control. Pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow or Ctrl+Right Arrow causes the caret to jump to the nearest word boundary which in a URI is not very helpful as it only snaps to the very beginning, the very end, and to the query string separator ("?") by default.

Using EM_SETWORDBREAKPROC would allow an alternate callback function to be provided for determining where the word breaks are in a URL and cause Ctrl+arrow to position the caret at more useful locations for editing the URI.

My initial thoughts are that the path separator ("/") and the query string key-value pair separator ("&") would be good candidates for additional word boundaries. Retain the "?" as a word boundary.

  • Jason Stangroome
  • Jun 6 2017
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    8 Jun, 2017 06:14pm

    This is a fine idea.