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Fiddler - Auto Responder

Good evening, let's get the idea straight.
The idea in order
I have a link and I want to do more than an automatic response.
As an example


If this request:




Then the Auto Responder reply this:




The point is, I want more than auto Responeder.
As I mentioned upstairs, I only have one link.
And I do more than one request on the same link
I don't want to be a constant response.
It changes as the request matches.


# Too Short #
Remember, I only have one link.


If this request:


Then Respone:



If this request:


Then Respone:


I apologize for prolonging the idea.
I'm sorry if there's anything wrong with my language.
Thank you, sir.
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  • May 31 2017
  • Will not implement
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    1 Jun, 2017 01:13pm

    You want to create URLWithBody rules. See