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problem in decompressing http request


Is there any way to decompress post data in Fiddler, sent from application? Post request to server contain headers like this:

Content-type: application/x-godel-gzip-encrypted
Content-length: 2xx
Accept-Encoding: gzip
I am attaching the session which i want to decompress. When i save the request content, it seems that some bytes went missing.
Any help will be appreciated.
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  • May 16 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    16 May, 2017 10:48pm

    Fiddler can apply any transformations that can be computed.

    However, application/x-godel-gzip-encrypted is not a standard content-encoding, so unless you know how to decompress it (or have a tool that does so) you will find it difficult to enable Fiddler to do so. The word "encrypted" in the name suggests that the data may be encrypted using a key that isn't readily available from the network stream itself.