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Add a "Fiddler performance tuning" section to the Fiddler PDF book

Currently, there are tips for fine tuning Fiddler's performance (CPU, memory, TCP sockets) spread out across the Internet and one or two in the Fiddler PDF.

It may be a good idea to create a section in the PDF on fine-tuning Fiddler's performance; including the following if they are legitimate techniques:

(1) "Stream" response option;
(2) "Keep: xxx sessions";
(3) Don't "Parse websocket messages" (if applicable)
(4) Run Fiddler at AboveNormal priority; 
(5) "Don't decrypt traffic for the following hosts" (if applicable);
(6) Clear the Fiddler log occasionally as it appears to grow unbounded (use ExecAction: ClearLog for automatically doing this)
(7) Reuse client / server connections; 
(8) [Per Eric] The !threads QuickExec command enables you to pre-size the thread pool to a larger fixed size if that's of interest to you; this is relevant in some scenarios as the .NET thread pool growth algorithm grows an exhausted pool by no more than 2 threads per second 
(9) Limit the scope of HTTPS decryption; i.e. "Decrypt HTTPS traffic from ..."
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  • Apr 30 2016
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