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Google iOS App Not Working with Fiddler


I'm currently not able to use the Google iOS app with Fiddler and I can't seem to locate the source of the problem.

I use Fiddler extensively and this is the first app that I've encountered this particular issue. 

The relevant versions are as follows:


iOS 10.2.1 (iPhone 6)

Google iOS App 23.0.147401934

Fiddler 4.6.20171.7553

.NET 4.6.2

Windows 10.0.14393.0


Any insight or suggestions regarding this would be very helpful, thanks!

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  • Feb 18 2017
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    23 Feb, 2017 07:36pm

    pple added an additional step to trusting third-party root certificates that is not (yet) included on the help page:

    After installing the FiddlerRoot certificate, one also needs to go to Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings and manually enable full trust for the FiddlerRoot root certificate, including accepting a dialog that says that this will allow a third-party to eavesdrop on all your communications.

  • Guest commented
    23 Feb, 2017 02:10pm

    What do you see in the Fiddler trace as well as in the app itself?

    I am starting to encounter issues where some domains are not working properly with the iOS cert, but others are decrypted just fine.  For those apps, Fiddler breaks the app when I enable it as the proxy on the iPhone.  For example the (Free) GasBuddy app - urls to domains such as are intercepted by Fiddler and decrypted, but Fiddler cannot seem to deal with or