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Send multiple requests from composer

hi, it would be cool if we could specify how many requests we could've send within the composer. threadpool is a good choice to implement for this feature.

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  • Dec 16 2016
  • Under review
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  • Eric Lawrence commented
    19 Dec, 2016 06:33pm

    Today, you can replay a previously executed request multiple times by pressing SHIFT+R on the Web Session in the Web Sessions list.

    In the Composer, you can put a # in the URL and Fiddler will prompt you for a range of numbers with which that # will be replaced (allowing you to easily request etc, in one shot. For many sites, you could create a fake query string parameter (e.g. and they'll ignore it. 

    A trivial but hacky way for Telerik to accommodate the request would be to change that dialog such that requesting a bogus range (e.g. "0-0") prompts instead for the number of repeats and then reissues the request that many times. Or maybe change the "Execute and Break" shortcut to "CTRL+Click" instead of SHIFT+Click and change SHIFT+Click to show the "# repeats" prompt?